Monday, February 25, 2013

Oscars 2013: Fashion Police Fox 28 Edition

So about once a month I do a Fashion Segment for Makeovers, Trends and Award Shows where we will review the latest Fashions and what you should or shouldn't be wearing. Here's a look at what I Wore for the Segment <3
I was really trying to get a good picture of the Necklace I Wore.
 I had to give you another shot of these Fierce Beauties :-)
 Full body shot, hopefully you can see the dress (Forever 21).
 There's no place like home, lol. These shoes (Jessica Simpson) are amazing and I can't wait to pair them with a fresh new look !
 I love a fresh Manicure (Sally Hansen; Ton of Bricks, done by me ;-)
Here's another shot of part of the look (I really need a personal Photographer)